1. Concept Inception

    Q1 2017

    Concept Development: Project Ideation and beggining of product development. The first 3 team members (Tuan Pham, Fabien Chung & Alex Rigaud) started pondering about what the app would look like and what the main functionnalities would be after we all had an "AHA Moment" on the day where Tuan was moving to north of france and needed help to bring his furniture into his new flat. It all started there...
    Incubation in France: Pockero was first incubated in Lyon, France. Validated by the steering comittee of the incubator. In the INNOV'INSEEC incubator. INNOV'INSEEC is part of INSEEC U., the leading French Group in private higher education: 16 schools, 23 500 students and 9 campuses in France and abroad. The mission of INNOV'INSEEC is to promote the emergence and implementation of start-up projects or the development of new disruptive companies.

  2. Alpha & P.O.C

    Q2 2017

    Proof of Concept: The idea behind our whole concept was tested by developing an M.V.P which enabled us to test our concept and rapidly iterate and adapt our concept to what our consumers wanted.
    Alpha Off Chain: Our alpha test was conducted "Off-Chain" (not on blockchain) Our Team Gets Larger:

  3. Internationalisation

    Q3 2017

    Raised Angel Investment: Incorporation in UAE:

  4. Tokenomics

    Q4 2017

    Implementation of Token Economy: Structuration of Token Future Sale Event:

  5. App iOS Beta Developped

    Q1 2018

    Finalization of 1st Public Beta: Talent Acquisition Hack:

  6. Looping the loop

    Q2 2018

    Incubation of Pockero at in5 (Dubai Holding incubator): Token Sale Pre-Sale Event: Code Reward Smart Contract:

  7. Going Public

    Q3 2018

    Public Token Sale Event: Integration of smart contract: Public Beta:

  8. V1.0 Public Release

    Q4 2018

    V1.0 Release:

  9. New Geos

    Q1 2019

    New region launch:

  10. Preventive control

    Q2 2019

    Automated KYC & trusted record: Implementation of preventive control:

  11. Event title here

    Q3 2019

    Raised Angel Investment: Incorporation in UAE:

  12. Event title here

    Q4 2019

    Raised Angel Investment: Incorporation in UAE: