About Pockero

Pockero is here to help you find people to help you out in your neighborhood. Ever needed someone to help with your gardening, with the cleaning, or to lend you a drill? Someone to babysit, to teach your kids, to help on a project, or simply to hang out? They're all available around us, and we help you find the right person at the right moment. And the great thing is, you both get rewarded for creating a happier community. We make communities happier by connecting people and making use of un-used competencies and objects, & it's done in a fun way, work becomes a rewarding game.

How it works

1- I call for help: Whether you need help setting up furniture, or a hand repainting the walls... a hero is always here to help.
2- A hero comes to my rescue: A hero answers within mins, you're now in touch, help is coming.
3- Give back / Reward: Every service deserves a reward, you choose the prize.

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Building happier communities

Lending a helping hand and doing good is known to make you feel better. At Pockero we value the human aspects of life, which is why we want to bring people closer, have them share a drink or a meal after a service is finished. Furthermore we help you reconnect with your neighbors, because nobody knows them anymore, let alone what competencies or unused objects they have. Plus in a connected world like ours, spending a bit less time in front of a screen means human contact which all in all means more happiness.

A Hero Team

  • Gustavo Montero | Chairman : Banker by day & disabled skiers guide off hours. I believe Blockchain is going to rule the world.
  • Alexandre Rigaud | CEO : Simple by Design. Stargazer & Dream-Builder, I turn the ordinary into extraordinary.
  • Tuan Pham | CCO : Happy human & Crypto Genius, I love making people smile, and making them crypto.
  • Fabien Chung | CTO : Tech-junkie & Code-A-Holic. I love finding new innovative solutions to tech issues.
  • Arnaud Gaget | CMO : Marketer by day, Gamer by night. Communicating in new ways makes my world go round.

Contact Pockero

Feel free to contact us, we love to talk and are always just a few clicks away.

What's Next?

Hang around for our ICO and our beta test, test it and send us your feedback, , if you're looking for a job/career opportunity/life, we're always looking for great talent so click here.